Do I have to set all rules for the company and employees or you will assist me in that?

We create leysha account for the company. After that we schedule a meeting with the admin for proper training related to how to use leysha for managing daily operations of your business. We also offer training for employees. Our support team is always there to solve doubts. In case you want us to hand over a ‘ready to use’ account you have to share all the details with us in a defined format.

What is the step for defining protocols of my company in leysha through company configuration?

From the upper right corner on the dashboard, click on the setting button for accessing the company configuration section. Now from here you can select the category first from the left tab out of General, Employee, Leave, Award and Expenses. After selecting the respective category you will find further options to select specific module or feature you want to set protocol for.

In the employee section you can add/edit ‘Role’, you can manage settings related to attendance, Salary, add/edit Shifts, EPF and ESi.

In the leave section, you can add customized heads for leaves, define the number of leaves in heads and also manage settings related to leave approval.

In expense, you can add customized heads for expenses and also manage settings related to expense approval.

What is tracking status in the employee tracking module?

With the help of tracking status you can check status of user i.e stop/moving, You can check GPS status, You can check battery status. These data will will help you monitor about whether employee is following all the rules related to tracking or not.

What are do’s and don’ts for accurate tracking results.

a) Employee should give all the permissions that leysha app is asking for otherwise it will affect tracking results.
b) Keep GPS on.
c) Keep the internet on.
d) You can update status frequently.

a) Don’t remove app from background when your status is punched-in
b) Don’t put your mobile on battery saver mode.