Fast Moving Customer Goods(FMCG) as the name suggest is the time sensitive industry which require timely delivery of goods. Delay in delivery leads to dissatisfied customers and can cause potential loss to the business. Leysha addresses this very problem of FMCG industry with its Task Geo-Tagging and GPS Tracking features. Team leader can create task for delivery teams and Geo-Tag them on the map. Delivery Team members can view these tasks on the map which helps them decide an optimum route for the delivery, as they can see shortest route, time required to reach the destination and traffic status. This not only enable them to deliver goods on time and but also saves fuel cost. With GPS Tracking Team Leads or Business owner can track the location of their team members and adjudge the actual active time and efficiency of the team members. Also with the sense of being tracked by their seniors the delivery team members adhere to their tasks while on the field. So, in a way Leysha makes employees more sincere and responsible which ultimately leads to timely delivery and satisfied customers.


Human Resource is the most important resource of Insurance industry and managing human resource is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Leysha can manage Human Resource very efficiently. It not only manages their profile, attendance, teams, track their activities but also makes the process of assigning of tasks very easy. When a team leader wants to assign a task to its team members, Leysha on basis if its intelligence suggests which member to assign a task to. It can identify the idle members based on the skills required for the tasks. Another important feature is that Leysha can find out best performers automatically based on the performance parameters set and insights generated from a multitude of business functions. This ensures retention of best performing employees for longer duration which helps in the growth of the company.


Courier & shipping companies utilize Leysha to simplify their entire work flow. With Leysha they create a list of deliveries to be made for that day and then create trips for their delivery trucks / boys. While doing so Leysha let's them see approx time schedules for making those deliveries upfront. Delivery trucks would receive their precise track that they need to follow to make those deliveries. All deliveries can be tracked in real time. Leysha becomes a single point of control in efficiently making those deliveries, reducing delivery times, enabling live monitoring of delivery trucks or other vehicles and automate workflow to know when deliveries are made.


Cutting transportation cost, improving business process, customer satisfaction are the key challenges that are faced by the Logistics Industry. Leysha satisfies all these needs of Logistics Industry. Drivers can view their tasks on the Map and decide on most optimum route to be taken which saves fuel cost and ensure on time delivery. This reduces the transportation cost and timely delivery ensuring customer satisfaction. With features like Task Management, Human Resource Management, Target Distribution, Availability Lookup, Alerts and Notifications can streamline various business process and enhances operational efficiency.


Food delivery services and any Online delivery service can significantly gain from Leysha platform by plugging it's live tracking services into their workflow. This allows them to give live tracking of their deliveries to their end users as well as to themselves. This gives access to an efficient yet affordable platform for tracking without spending anything on the infrastructure that comes alongside.


Human resource plays a major role in every industry and hospitals are no different. The human resource journey has been very challenging in the past few years and we provide HRMS and payroll solutions to meet the challenges. Just consider the work environment in a hospital! you need to deal with multiple departments, doctors, patients, other health professionals and numerous reports to ensure smooth functioning. It’s a tedious task to manage your entire staff working across different shifts.