Order Module

Order Module

Full order processing and management added in Leysha. With this feature you can decide your customized workflow that suites your company. Decide how various orders should be processed including who manages what at different stages.

You only have to configure it once. Once setup, you can automate the entire ordering process from receiving the order to finally delivering it. Leysha does the rest. All related tasks are automatically assigned to the relevant employees. Additionally, it ensures the same routine is confirmed with on every single order, with necessary flexibility if required.

Here are the key benefits

  • Your sales team can directly add new customers or place orders right from the field itself.
  • Your products, your services and your brand. Full control over what you offer and how you offer.
  • Get a summary report of booked orders.
  • Ordering process integrates directly with your work flow.
  • Your customer/client/dealer & distributors can also place orders.
  • Get booked order notification with order list report.
  • You decide who can place orders.
  • Make your business accessible 24×7 from any device and so on.
  • You can create pre-defined routines in terms of how an order for a specific product or service
  • should be processed. What steps needs to be followed, in what time, by which employees and who oversees or approves the completion.
  • It makes order management work in conjunction with other key departments.

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