Restart after lockdown with touch-less attendance System

Restart after lockdown with touch-less attendance System

Covid-19 pandemic has hit all aspects of life and continues to do so. As it’s wisely said prevention is better than cure. At this point of time your best bet to ward off covid-19 threat is to either vaccinated or follow covid appropriate behaviour to reduce the risk of getting infected. With businesses resuming work, workplaces have to adapt to follow this covid appropriate behaviour. This also involves employees to wear a mask and sanitize their hands often. It also requires to reduce their possibility of touching shared items. This includes the current biometric attendance devices as they require a fingerprint to mark the attendance. It can be easily handled by shifting to a contactless biometric attendance system.

To remove manual efforts in marking attendance, increase accuracy, reduce efforts and time frame to account for daily attendance across multiple locations and shifts you need Just set your rules and let employees mark their attendance from their PCs or mobile devices. Leysha does the rest for you. Based on your rules and conditions it even automates payroll and generates payslips that are sent to your employees.

Benefits of Leysha’s Attendance Management System for Businesses:

  • It automates the attendance marking process by allowing the employees to punch-in / punch-out when they enter or exit the organization.
  • It manages multiple Shifts effectively.
  • It allows your field staff like, your sales team to remotely put in their hours with the mobile application which will be submitted along with the real-time location.
  • It generates customized reports for the next action.
  • It allows to create various shifts and weekly offs for different groups of employees along with holiday calendars.
  • It is fully integrated with the Payroll system and manages overtime hours, late coming, short working hours and leaves.
  • It provides filter setting and exports the report to excel.
  • If required, it integrates with hardware like Bio-metric devices.

Leysha is easy to use business efficiency software. No long training periods are required for both employees and employers. Attendance punching mode can be selected out of various options available with Leysha software.

Leysha’s Web Application- Employees can enter the office and punch attendance through a web application while sitting on their work desk. No need to stand in que for entering time manually in the register. Login to leysha account using your email id and password. Click on the punch-in button. Submit your day plan or select your task on which you are going to work.

Leysha’s Mobile Application- This option can be opted for on-field employees like sales representatives, delivery persons or service engineers. Staff with these designations start their day from travelling to different places. They might not compulsorily come to the office for marking attendance. So these employees can be given the option of leysha mobile app for punching their attendance along with location tracking and option to submit day plans in leysha comment section.
Download Leysha mobile app from playstore. Login with your email id and password (onetime). Click on in/out button. Save attendance with your day plan.

Leysha Biometric integration – For the companies that use access control and biometric machines at the staff entry and exit, leysha can also be integrated with their biometric machine. Attendance data is recorded and reflected in the leysha attendance section at real time. All the in and out of an employee will be recorded and managers will get actual working hours of an employee. Connect your biometric machine with the internet and we will exchange a few settings in it. Leysha will start communicating with a biometric machine for exchanging data.

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