Payroll Management System HRMS

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Devoted employees are the lifeblood of any business. One of the basic yet very important steps that you can take to ensure your employees are happy is that you process your payrolls efficiently and in time. Business owners, HR executives, or HR departments have this extremely important process to complete month on month. It's a cumbersome task with a number of variables and factors in play. A lot of time and money goes into ensuring the completion of this step.

Payroll Management System HRMS Features

Easily process payrolls either manually or automatically.

You can process payrolls for a specific individual or all your employees in one go.

Leysha accounts for all the deductions, allowances, expenses, extra time etc. All of these can be easily configured and customized according to your preference.

Your employees couldn't be happier as they would also receive full breakup of their pays and can receive a salary slip should you enable that.

There are several other configurable options that you can choose according to your business needs.

Benefits of Payroll Management System HRMS for Businesses

Fast and accurate way to generate payroll of employees having unique salary structure. Maintain transparency with employees about salary breakup and deductions. Salary slips can be automatically generated and shared with employees.
Export various analytical reports for all or specific locations. Manage statutory compliances (PF, ESIC, PT) Time can be saved that is utilized in calculating and cross checking payrolls.
Excel sheet data can be lost anytime, with your data is safe and you can access it on the go no matter how old the data is. Payroll can be generated from anywhere and from any device by someone who has permission to generate the payroll.

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What are the challenges related to manual payroll processing in an organization?

Some common problems related to payrolls that organizations face are listed below:

  • Time-consuming delaying payroll processing
  • Unnecessary associated cost
  • Human errors while processing details
  • Failing to keep regulatory/tax changes up to date
  • Un-organized setup and insecure data

To resolve the above problems why not switch to an automated payroll generating system. Help your HR department reduce its overhead cost and cut out a significant amount of time in processing your payrolls. has a fully configurable payroll generation feature using which you can automate the entire process. It provides multiple configurations, eliminates errors, and generates payrolls with ensuring strict statutory compliance in just one click. Also, it secures the data within your organization.