Attendance Management System

Attendance management keeps an eye on your employees working hours. It allows you to calculate actual working hours. Tracking employees' working time will also let you know about punctuality at work place. Payroll is another important element which uses the working hours of employees to calculate salaries. So attendance management software also protects organizations from payroll fraud. Attendance can be marked from various sources whichever is convenient as per company and employee’s profile. Leysha’s cloud based web application can be used by office staff using their desktop/laptop. On-field employees like service engineers, sales staff or delivery persons can use leysha’s mobile app for punching attendance from their work location. Another option is Biometric time and attendance system which not only enhances security amongst the workers but safeguards the working environment along with protecting a company’s valuable data.

Leysha's unique time and attendance system presents a boundless attendance solution to businesses or enterprises, broadly applicable and accessible at diverse locations.

Unique features of Leysha attendance solution

Manage attendance of multiple office locations having various departments and work profiles (field executive or back office staff) on a common platform.

Supports all modes of attendance source like Web application, Mobile application and biometric integration

Easy to use attendance software. No more long training sessions are required to learn how to operate software.

Manage leaves and holidays efficiently

Faultless payroll calculation with just one tap

Cloud Based Platform to access the data anytime anywhere

Generate and export various reports as per requirement

Benefits of Attendance Management System for Businesses

Reliable Accuracy Increased Productivity Cost Reduction
Legal Compliance Integration / Configuration Real-time tracking
Compliance Security Economical

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What are the benefits of the attendance management system?

Benefits of Leysha's Attendance Management System for Businesses:

  • It automates the attendance marking process by allowing the employees to punch-in / punch-out when they enter or exit the organization.
  • It manages multiple Shifts effectively.
  • It allows your field staff, like your sales team to remotely put in their hours with the mobile application which will be submitted along with the real-time location.
  • It generates customized reports for the next action.
  • It allows the creation of various shifts and weekly offs for different groups of employees along with holiday calendars.
  • It is fully integrated with the Payroll system and manages overtime hours, late coming, short working hours and leaves.
  • It provides filter settings and exports the report to excel.
  • If required, it integrates with hardware like Biometric devices.