How can I give ratings to employees after task completion?

From the task list select the task by clicking on view (arrow) button. From the left tabs select the last option i.e ‘Employee Ratings’. List of employees with star ratings in front of their name will be displayed. Owner of the task can give rating to all the employees associated with the task.

Can I predefine task templates in leysha?

Yes, task templates can be predefined and saved for future. Task templated can be used later at the time of assigning tasks. It will save time in case one has to create and assign a similar pattern of task frequently.

How can I create and assign tasks in leysha?

Leysha is easy to use software and no long training sessions are required. Creating a task is a simple and quick activity that you can do frequently for your employees.

Step 1– Click on Task in the left menu to enter into the task module.

Step 2– Click on Add New button to create a new task

Step 3– Fill the required fields like Title of the task, start date and end date, select employees to whom you are going to assign tasks. You can select multiple employees also. Priority is to define the weightage of the task. You can also tag task with group name which will help latter to filter the similar task while checking status. Explain in detail about the task in the description section. Attach supporting files and save the task.

Step 4– All the employees to whom a task has been assigned will get notification and they can start working on it accordingly.

What are the benefits of the task module in leysha?

Task Management allows you to easily define action items for different individuals. You can club multiple tasks together or assign multiple employees to the same task. Each task carries it’s start as well as end date, priority, team members involved and who is regulating that task. Task members can post their updates and share files too. This brings all communication as well as acivity log associated with any task under one thread which can looked into anytime in future. Task owners can monitor progress and rate performance. Leysha, continuously analyses data points from task management bringing in valuable insights.