What is tracking status in the employee tracking module?

With the help of tracking status you can check status of user i.e stop/moving, You can check GPS status, You can check battery status. These data will will help you monitor about whether employee is following all the rules related to tracking or not.

What are do’s and don’ts for accurate tracking results.

a) Employee should give all the permissions that leysha app is asking for otherwise it will affect tracking results.
b) Keep GPS on.
c) Keep the internet on.
d) You can update status frequently.

a) Don’t remove app from background when your status is punched-in
b) Don’t put your mobile on battery saver mode.

Can I track an employee when he is offline or gps is off?

Yes, employees can be tracked with their GPS off by cell tower location. Accuracy will be a bit low but you will get the location of the nearest cell tower. The Internet is necessary while punching in and out. If after that employee switches off the data or there is some network issue, tracking data is stored in a mobile device and when the next time the internet is connected all the data will automatically sync to the server and admin can check locations of an employee.