How to update the holiday calendar?

To update the holiday calendar click on the leave section. From the sub-menu click on ‘Holiday’. Click on ‘add new’ button to add a holiday. Fill the required fields and save it.

How can employees apply for leave?

From the left menu, click on the leave button to access the leave section. Click on the ‘request’ button on the upper right corner to open the leave request page. Select leave type, dates and attach supporting documents like medical certificates etc if required and send requests to apply for leave.

What is a regularization request?

Regularization requests are sent by employees for updating their attendance to HR. Employees can find a regularization request option in the attendance section. They can select request type and actual punch-in and/or punch-out time and submit the request to HR. HR can accept the request to update the attendance.

How to assign shifts to employees in leysha?

From the left menu on the dashboard, click ‘employee’ to access the employee list. Select a particular employee to whom you want to assign a shift. From the left tab select shift. Using the ‘add new’ button you can assign shifts to employees.

How to add a shift in leysha?

Click on the setting icon on the upper right corner and then click on configuration. From the left tab click on employee and then click on shift. By using the ‘add new’ button, you can add a new shift in leysha.

How to add employees in leysha?

From the left menu on the dashboard click employees and then ‘add employees’ button. A form will appear on the screen. Fill the required field and save it to add employees in leysha. Email id used while adding an employee can be used to login in leysha by that employee. Passwords can be reset later by the employees.

What are different modules in leysha I can use to automate my work in my organization?

Leysha is designed and developed for Small, medium and growing companies. We have kept in mind all the practical approaches and requirements of companies and tried to offer 360 degree solutions to organizations. Following are the highlights of modules that with combination forms leysha.

HR Management– Attendance, Shifts, Leave
Payroll Management– Payroll processing, Payslip, Customized deduction and earning heads, statutory compliances (PF, ESIC, PT)
Employee Management– Documents, Personal and professional information
Task Management– Work deadlines, Task progress, review,
Order Management– Tracking orders, managing orders, Category wise listing of products in mobile app, Add clients,
Expense Management– Customized heads creation, Bills attachment, define limits of approving bills for managers
Reporting– Filter date wise, employee wise and module wise reports and export it in excel sheet for further sharing it with the team.