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Employee Tracking, Payroll Generation & many more !!

View locations of all your on-field staff using a single map view in real time.

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    Empower your on-field team with Leysha to boost productivity.

    With Employee Tracking you will get to know how much your employees or team is traveling, in what time and visited which locations while doing so. Decide how tracking and its associated task should be processed including who manages what at different stages.

    I need to track my staff

    With Leysha's GPS tracking, Have an actual data of your staff's live location. No need of random phone calls to check if staff is working on-field or not. Have a single map view of all of your staff.

    One Payroll for all business- Traders, Manufacturers & Service Providers

    Payroll designed while keeping in mind about need of small and medium scale business.

    Free integration with your existing Biometric machine

    • PF, ESI and other statutory report preparation
    • Professional Tax Return
    • Salary preparation and calculation
    • Pay slip to employees- Automated or manual.
    • Easy to use.
    • Employee Management
    • Attendance Management
    • Award Management
    • Leave Management
    • Analytics & Reports
    • Mobile App for Employees

    How to manage Attendance of 'on-field staff'?

    Empower your staff to punch attendance through mobile app with day plan. Also track their location from where they have punched in.

    Help them managing their working hours, Applying for leaves or submitting expenses,all can be done on a go with leysha’s app.

    Geo tags

    With Leysha you can not only add new users which can be categorized as your clients, customers, dealers, distributors, re-sellers, stockists etc.. but you associate their locations to their accounts. From here on you can use these locations to setup entire days track for your employees and team.

    I need to back track my staff

    You can view historic data that includes all routes and locations visited by an employee for upto 3 months in the past.

    View their entire track as you are able to see in the live view with all details.

    What if employee is offline?

    Leysha mobile app stores stats even if the mobile lost it’s internet or data connection or even if it was disabled. It syncs data back when the mobile connectivity comes back.

    Can i download staff tracking reports latter?

    Yes! In leysha’s report section you can download daily tracking report. You can review it latter in off-line mode also. You can also automate it to get it by mail daily.