Biometric Attendance

Comprehensive Time & Attendance tracking system

Biometric Attendance

Leysha supports attendance by fingerprints, facial recognition, smart cards apart from mobile and web application. So no matter what your preference is, you would have the flexibility of using one or many of these attendance modes. It’s especially useful if you have different employee sets you want to be able to mark attendance using different methods. So no matter what your preference is you would have the flexibility of using one or many of these attendance modes. For example, employees from the Sales Team can be allowed to mark their attendance on the fly using Leysha’s mobile application but your in-house team that does not need to visit other locations would need to mark attendance via their fingerprint or facial recognition. This ensures stricter control and a higher level of security. You can additional decide to connect the devices to access control tools.

You can fully eliminate paperwork and manual management of attendance. Based on your preference you can enable attendance via a wide range of methods. This feature allows you to capture data of employee attendance history using all of these methods from several office branches at different geographic locations, with different shift times. It is directly linked to payroll. With a built-in absence/leave tracking feature, employee payrolls get adjusted accordingly and automatically.

Key Features


Device NT-101 ( Supports Fingerprint & Smart Cards)
Fingerprint Capacity1000
Transactions Capacity1,00,000
Number of Users500
Cloud SupportedYes
LAN SupportedYes
PriceINR 7500/- Onetime +
INR 6000/- (Annual subscription charges for Leysha application)
** Charges excluding GST
Device NT-201 ( Supports Facial Recognition, Fingerprint & Smart Cards)
Fingerprint Capacity4000
Card Storage10,000
Face Capacity3000
Transaction Storage1,00,000
Number of Users1000
Cloud SupportedYes
LAN SupportedYes
PriceINR 19,000/- Onetime +
INR 20,000/- (Annual subscription charges for Leysha application) +GST

Attendance with finger print

With Leysha you can use the traditional biometric mode of marking attendance using finger prints.Marking attendance via finger prints is far more secure as compared to some other methods as it is very hard to impossible to fake fingerprints of a different person. You can even deploy it in addition to other modes.

Attendance using facial recognition

Leysha now goes beyond the traditional approaches and supports marking attendance using a face. So nothing to be keyed in or typed, not even using a fingerprint. Simply stand in-front of the device and it would register attendance for the matching employee.

Payroll Management

Easily process payrolls either manually or automatically. You can process payrolls for a specific individual or all your employees in one go. Leysha accounts for all the deductions, allowances, expenses, extra time etc. All of these can be easily configured and customized according to your preference. So configure and let Leysha do the rest.

Your employees couldn’t be happier as they would also receive full breakup of their pays and can receive a salary slip should you enable that. There are several other configurable options that you can choose according to your business needs. Configurations can be customized according to your needs and it can be adopted to different workflows.

Recent Activities

Do you want to see any if your employee’s activities in real time? Or do want to receive daily summary related to your employee’s or your team members activity in your mail? With Leysha new addition, it is not possible. The new “Instant Notification” feature now allows you to setup and get alerts for any emplolyee acitivity from across all of Leysha modules. You were already able to see all of the employee’s activity on one single screen using the “Recent Activity” page. This new update now allows you go one step further and customize the alerts from the “Recent Acitivity” page and get notified when an activity of your interest happens. Once setup, you will get notifications via email and sms automatically. Some sample use cases: you can decide to get alerted instantly when a new order is placed, or when a employee completes an important task, a daily summary of what happened in an entire day by your team etc.. These are just a few examples, Leysha allows you to create your own customized alerts for one or more employees and focused around one or multiple business functions.

Marking attendance like other Leysha features is directly connected to the recent activities page.

Instant Notification

This allows you go one step further and customize the alerts from the “Recent Activity” page and get notified when an activity of your interest happens. Once setup, you will get notifications via email and SMS automatically.

Benefits of using Recent Activity notifications by Leysha

1. You can easily have a look any user’s activity for specific module (attendance, award, target, task, payroll, order, expense, tracking, etc)
2. You can setup and receive a notification about recent activity you are interested in.
3. Identify unproductive behaviours. (Identify productive/unproductive behaviour when/where they occur for any task)
4. Manage productivity (You will see all the comments and updates for assigned task, assigned target or any other activity)
5. Manage security (Which user or employee has logged in to the application from which IP address)
6. You can see detailed view of any activity as well.
7. See all the recent activities of any user/employee for any business function from a single screen.
8. Sort recent activities by time.
9. Easily how things are going without being physically present.