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HR, Payroll, Shift & Leave management software for health care industry.

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    Complete HR management software for Health Care industries

    Human resource plays a major role in every industry and hospitals are no different. The human resource journey has been very challenging in the past few years and we provide HRMS and payroll solutions to meet the challenges. Just consider the work environment in a hospital! you need to deal with multiple departments, doctors, patients, other health professionals and numerous reports to ensure smooth functioning. It’s a tedious task to manage your entire staff working across different shifts. Introducing our Hospital Management Software - Leysha.


    Common Challenges for Hospital Management

    1. Managing work schedules of your employees
    2. Payroll processing
    3. Performance management
    4. Attendance
    5. Employee benefits
    6. Self-service portal
    7. Task and work force management
    8. Asset tracking (employees and vehicles)


    There is perhaps no greater challenge than creating and tracking employees time and attendance in a medical or health care facility. Besides the basic need to monitor work time and attendance information, workforce management systems must be fully customizable to accommodate variable working patterns and work rules. It’s crucial to support flexible shifts and work schedules across multiple departments and locations.

    Non-standard schedules are a way of life in medical and health care facilities. From maintenance personnel to doctors, nurses and technicians, every position must be staffed and accounted for around the clock to provide continuous, safe patient care. But time & attendance management doesn’t stop with simply generating work schedules and their attendance. In order to be cost effective, the system in place must save vital management time, reduce administrative costs, and have protocols in place to protect employees and the facility alike. Leysha is customized to do exactly this and lot more.

    Leysha Hospital HR management supports following four ways for managing attendance

    • Biometric Attendance – with Facial Recognition
    • Biometric Attendance – with Finger Print
    • Biometric Attendance – with smart Cards
    • Biometric Attendance – with web app or mob app

    Key Features

    1. Employees can Mark attendance using finger print, facial recognition, smart cards, mobile and web application.
    2. Their location is captured when they punch in / out.
    3. View attendance as it happened in a single report view.
    4. Get notified if you want when someone punches in / out.

    Admin view of attendance module

    Attendance Management

    Staff view of application after punch-in

    Attendance Management
    Your staff can view all task scheduled for today with their attendance, leaves, expense, tracking etc. This summary will vary depends on logged-in staff designation.

    Shift Management

    Shift Management is designed to handle complex, overlapping, rotating, and over-night shift schedules. Manage unlimited number of employees, avoid scheduling conflicts, and optimize your work schedules.


    Configure your payroll rules and leave the rest to Leysha- Hospital HR Solution. It saves you a lot of time to generate and process your Payrolls. It automatically takes into account all deductions (EPF, ESIC etc.), expenses, overtime and increments.

    All of these is fully configurable and you can customize according to your preferences. Your employees couldn’t be happier as they would also receive full breakup of their salary and can receive a salary slip should you enable that.

    payroll management

    Key Features

    1. User defined salary structure
    2. Automated payslips
    3. Statutory reports
    4. Integrated attendance & leave data


    Workflow system closely integrated with time attendance and payroll software. Facilitates online leave application, and approval with notifications. Supports monthly and yearly leave balances. Employees can apply for leaves and check leave balances anytime.

    1. User-defined Leave Types
    2. Leave Entitlements
    3. Supports Time Attendance Devices
    4. Supports Mobile phones, Tablets
    5. Integration with Payroll
    6. Integration with Attendance
    7. Leave Reports


    Fully automated overtime calculations with reference to work plans and punches. Option to define different overtime rules for different groups of employees. Closely integrated with payroll to automate overtime payment.

    Leysha will manage minimum working hours, working hours, salary deductions, leaves, overtime, all in your staff salary, don’t need to do manual calculations.

    Automated Reports scheduler

    Do you need to submit an attendance report to your boss every day? You don’t have to do it yourself. The Report Scheduler can generate the report and email it at times you specify. Task scheduler does the job for you even when you are asleep.

    Attendance Management


    You can set notification settings as per your requirements.


    Attendance Management

    Award Management

    Managing and motivating staff is probably the most difficult part of any growing company. Yet it is easily among the most crucial functions. A number of studies have concluded that not only financial incentives, but some non-financial motivators too play a pivotal role in building long-term employee engagement. For any growing Hospital a motivated workforce can put them in fast lane of consistent growth.

    This is what Leysha resolves for you. By finding insights from a multitude of business functions and allowing you to link them performance it can find your performers on it’s own and let’s you reward them. What’s more, you automate the entire process. Leysha finds them for you, on predefined time-frames like a week, month, quarter etc.. and using performance indicators such as punctuality, task performance, sales targets, ratings etc.. or their combinations.

    New Awards can also be created

    Award management

    Employee Tracking

    Live Real time monitoring of your assets that includes your on field employees or vehicles (Ambulance) irrespective of their geographical location, whether they are in a different city or state.

    Employee Tracking

    Although you can get a lot of details from this real time view, Leysha has a number of automation features built into it to make sure you are not required to be in front of the screen all the time. This automation is what sets Leysha apart from any other application out there.

    Our aim is to free up time for decision makers and people up the hierarchy so they can focus on their core responsibility. It does so by filling into your shoes and allows you to be in charge even by passive monitoring.

    Task Management

    Say goodbye to overdue tasks and shuffling between tools to do things
    A digital task management system for health employees will increase the level of quality and efficiency.

    1. Easily schedule monthly appointments & Get notifications for all activities
    2. Access client data whenever needed
    3. Efficiently track all tasks
    4. Easily update patient records
    5. Reduce documentation paperwork
    6. Organize, track and keep digital records
    7. Track each patient’s recovery progress
    8. Create treatment plans
    9. Keep track of patient billing information

    Expense Management

    Drive revenue with cost savings!

    1. Mobile Expense Reporting
    2. Real-time Spend Visibility
    3. Automated spend tracking
    4. Real-Time visibility of employee expenses
    5. Manage expenses of the distributed workforce on our expense
    6. management app & software.
    7. Simplify multi-tier approvals
    8. Integrates with payroll