Employee Tracking

A cloud-based application that makes it incredibly easy for you to stay on top of all the things in your business, and reveal hidden insights from your business data, it is a perfect solution to manage field force effectively and increase their productivity.

With numerous authentication mechanism such as geo-tagging, time-stamping and input validation, performance of the team can be measured on a real-time basis against pre-defined KPIs / KRAs. You can also view the visits/meetings they have scheduled for the day, activities recorded by them during the course of their field.

Employee Tracking Also Includes

Live Tracking



Distance Calculator

Works Offline

HR & Team Management

One Stop HR Solution for small & medium business.

Get real-time attendance updates and eliminate errors with automatic data entry. Get insightful reports that help you stay ahead of problems. Multiple facility to punch in & punch out of attendance.You can define any number of fixed / flexi and semi flexi shifts in a day by defining the number of hours to be worked in a day. This way your biometric attendance system gets fully automated using our time and attendance software.

Payroll Management

Even if you have the most complex payroll processing in the world, Leysha payroll software can handle it. Create unlimited pay heads using very powerful formulas & parameters to calculate salary & tax calculations.It perform entire payroll activity from auto payslip generation to deductions.

Order Management

A Cloud-based platform to manage your back-office tasks ,order management, Stock Control & Dispatch. Leysha provides the perfect management system to get you selling more products in more places whilst keeping your back office organised and your customers happy.
We understand every business is unique. We don’t just provide software, we want to understand your processes and needs, in order to provide a bespoke service.

Order Management Features

Get instant notification of orders to process it fast

Manage beat for clients

Download and share order sheet

Manage Payments

Biometric Attendance

Take away all the hassles of attendance management.It also protects organizations from payroll fraud. Our biometric time and attendance system not only enhances security amongst the workers but safeguards the working environment along with protecting a company’s valuable data. Moreover, our attendance management software renders secured access control and authorization by tracking & maintaining the entries & exits of every employee.

Leysha unique time and attendance system presents a boundless attendance solution to businesses or enterprise, broadly applicable and accessible at diverse locations.

Unique Feaures of Leysha attendance system

Faultless payroll calculation with just one tap

Eliminates employee proxy

Reduces the cost and manpower

Offers real-time information

Restricts unauthorized access

Boost employee efficiency

Managing leaves and holidays efficiently

Gathers data from multiple locations at one place

Complete reporting of the employee details

Cloud Based Platform to access the data anytime anywhere

Report generation on employee attendance

Personal Assistant - AI Bot

It also feature an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Personal Assistant that can answer any questions you have about your business.

The AI comes with Natural Language Processing ability, which means you can interact with it using a plain language.
Whenever you have something to ask about your business, Leysha AI will provide you with the right answers… so you can get insights about your business immediately.

It’s literally like having a real personal assistant that works 24/7 and never ask for a raise.

And that’s not all!
This app will come handy because you can manage and access all your business data anytime and anywhere you want.
It’s like bringing your business anywhere inside your pocket.

Mobile App

Cell phones are not just a means of communication anymore. All sorts of facilities can be availed from them and this includes a wide range of services.The purpose of mobile application development is to utilize a standards-based architecture that leverages existing IT infrastructure and maximizes return on investment to your business. Leysha is a cloud-based application that makes it incredibly easy for you to stay on top of all the things in your business, and reveal hidden insights from your business data.

It’s a simple tool that provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard that shows you actionable items including:

1. Daily overview of your business operation

2. Live Tracking of all your employees and their activities

3. Reports of your business operation

4. Notifications

5. Messaging

6. Calendar