Task Management Software

The most crucial part of any project is to keep it organized, and a Task Management Software can help your work stay on track. In Leysha's Task management System, you can club multiple projects and assign the same task to multiple employees.

Our seamless Task Management Software allows you to define action items for different individuals easily. Each task carries its start and end date, priority, team members involved and who is regulating that task. Project members can post their updates and share files too that brings all communication and activity log associated with any task under one thread.

The intuitive task management tool, Leysha continuously analyses data points from task management, bringing invaluable insights. Project owners can monitor progress and rate performances in single project management platform.

Task Management Features

Indoor / Outdoor Tasks - You have options for both indoor or outdoor tasks to assign to your staff.

Performance Rating - With out Task Management Software you can track and rate employee performance with ease.

Availability Lookup - While creation of task, Leysha makes recommendations on most suitable employees for performing those tasks based on their skills

Task Updates - Post and see all task related updates from under the task thread

Task Log - See what happened when and who did what at any point of time.

Benefits of Task Management System for Businesses

Manage everything from a Single Place. Make task prioritization easier. Access data from anywhere anytime.
Keep an eye across all tasks. Boost your productivity. Make task delegation easy.
Improve team collaboration. Track time spent on projects.

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What is the Importance of Task Management Software for Businesses?

As workload increases and daily tasks keep on adding, you find it difficult to keep track of daily assignments, work schedule, reports and tasks along with worker shifts. Ultimately, it leads to reduced productivity and inefficient task management with regular instances of missing deadlines. Task management tools enhance collaboration and help to coordinate everyone's work. It is a tool for managing everyone's tasks, scheduling work and meetings, and collecting data about completed activities.

Here is where Leysha task management tool can be helpful for modern businesses.

Leysha Task Management Software provides following benefits:

  • It helps in managing tasks of different teams and locations from a single platform.
  • It helps to prioritize Tasks in an easier way.
  • Allows accessing data from anywhere anytime.
  • Allows you to keep an Eye across all tasks.
  • Helps in boosting your productivity.
  • Allows easy tasks delegation.
  • Helps in improved team collaboration.
  • You can track time spent on projects.
  • It provides you a centralized platform for Document Sharing.
  • Eliminates remote working barriers.