Employee Tracking Software

Employee Tracking Software

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    Application Features

    • Live tracking of on field employees.
    • Employees receive their tasks to be completed along with their schedule that include locations and time of visit.
    • Employees get alerted for logging an order or a note when they are at the location.
    • Employees can easily add individual notes or updates on a client or a order level. They can also submit daily reports right from the app.
    • Sales Team does to not have to constantly update about their where-about.
    • Works even if the mobile looses internet connection.
    • Low battery usage.
    • Only tracks when employees are logged in / punched in.
    • Tracking works only when they are on the move which ensures that Leysha does not consume much of mobile phone resources.

    Admin Features

    • View locations of all your on field staff using a single map view in real time.
    • Frees up your time as you no longer have to actively track sales or operational team.
    • Create and associate locations for your dealers, distributor’s, re-sellers, customers, stockist, warehouses etc…
    • Get access to historic routes or paths that your employees followed from past months, days or hours.
    • Know various stats such as distance traveled, locations visited, orders generated, time taken to know productivity of your sales or distribution teams.
    • Create tracks with locations that a employee need to visit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
    • Know if employees are following tracks as per schedule.
    • Associate employee tracks with tasks and let Leysha sign them off automatically if they visit all locations from their track.

    Employee Real time tracking

    • What if you can stay in control without being required to travel alongside any of your employees outdoors?
    • What if you can make correct assessment of travel times and optimize their visits?
    • What if the application can monitor the locations related to a task, and sign them off if they were completed as per your expectation? You get notified if there an issue.
    • What if you or the relevant people with authority can monitor your on-field staff all the time they are supposed to be working or claiming to be working?
    • What if you can create workflows for 1 or more of your team members upfront and have it repeat over time?

    A number of businesses require travelling, visiting clients or customers, visiting dealers or resellers, visiting leads etc.. Basically tasks that needs to be performed outdoors which you cannot oversee directly.If you have had any or all of the above expectationsm then Leysha is the answer. You can do all of this and lots more with this Leysha intelligent Employee Tracking System.

    Live Real time monitoring of your entire on field team irrespective of their geographical location, whether they are in a different city, state or even country. Although you can get a lot of details from the live real time view, Leysha has a number of automation features built into it to make sure you are not required to be infront of the real time monitoring screen all the time. This automation is what sets Leysha apart from any other application out there. Our aim is to free up time for decision makers and people up the hierarchy so they can focus on their core responsibility. It does so by filling into your shoes and allows you to be in charge even by passive monitoring.

    Measure Distance Travelled

    Get to know how much your employees or team is traveling, in what time and visited which locations with Leysha Employee tracking app.

    Employee Tracking Software

    Works offline as well

    Offline Tracking

    Leysha mobile app stores stats even if the mobile lost it’s internet or data connection or even if it was disabled. It syncs data back when the mobile connectivity comes back.

    Stored data for 3 months

    You can view historic data that includes all routes and locations visited by an employee for upto 3 months in the past. View their entire track as you are able to see in the live view with all details.

    Employee Tracking Software

    Assign geo tags


    With Leysha you can not only add new users which can be categorized as your clients, customers, dealers, distributors, re-sellers, stockists etc.. but you associate their locations to their accounts. From here on you can use these locations to setup entire days track for your employees and team.

    Easy Setup

    All you need to get started with live tracking your sales executives, delivery boys, delivery vehicles, distribution teams etc.. is Leysha mobile app. It’s extremely easy to install and it works across all mobile devices.

    Employee Tracking Software