Live Tracking

Live Tracking

We are glad to announce our latest enhancement in Live tracking. With this enhancement you can monitor Real time activity of your on field team irrespective of their geographical location, whether they are in a different city, state or even country. With Leysha you will get to know how much your employees or team is traveling, in what time and visited which locations while doing so. Decide how tracking and its associated task should be processed including who manages what at different stages.

Here are the key benefits :

  • View locations of all your on field staff using a single map view in real time.
  • You can view historic data that includes all routes and locations visited by an employee for up to 3 months in the past.
  • You can add new users which can be categorized as your clients, customers, dealers, distributors, re-sellers, stockists etc but you associate their locations to their accounts. From here on you can use these locations to setup entire days track for your employees and team.
  • Know various state’s data such as distance traveled, locations visited, time taken to know productivity of your sales or distribution teams.
  • Know if employees are following tracks as per schedule.
  • Tracking works only when they are on the move which ensures that Leysha does not consume much of mobile phone resources.
  • Only tracks when employees are logged in/punched in.
  • Create tracks with locations that a employee need to visit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Associate employee tracks with tasks and let Leysha sign them off automatically if they visit all locations from their track.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from this feature, schedule a free no obligation consultation now. Call +91 731 2563558 OR email us at

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