Human Resources Management Software

"A motivated workforce makes highly successful companies." Through an Online Human Resource Management Software, you can manage your power-pact employees effectively, maximize motivation across your company by transforming your engagement with them. is a cloud-based HRMS Software that manages your employees effectively, by keeping continous engagement with them. Leysha aims at bringing transparency in operations. This HRMS software automates all redundant tasks like managing attendance, leaves, payroll, expenses, etc. On top of that, it brings you vital insights from these functions, helping you understand how they impact your efficiency and profitability.

HR Management Features

Employee Management: Securely store and manage all employee related information with this feature.

Attendance Management: Take away all the hassles of managing attendance and reduce the changes of employees abusing the system.

Payroll: Easily process payrolls either manually or automatically. You can process payrolls for a specific individual or all your employees in one go. Leysha accounts for all the deductions, allowances, expenses, extra time etc.

Leaves: Automate your entire leave management and spare yourself with the trouble of managing this redundant function.

Awards: By finding insights from a multitude of business functions, it can find your performers on it's own and let's you reward them.

Benefits of HR Management System for Businesses

Real-time attendance from multiple locations Eliminates errors Insightful HR reports
Holiday Calendar Employee monitoring and support Integrated Employee Management
Supports Multiple Shifts Expenses allocation and management Automated Payrolls with pre-defined deductions or incentives

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Why is it important to have a Human Resource Management Software in any organization?

HRMS facilitates the safe and efficient storage of employee data. With the help of HRMS, you can easily process employee information on the system without wasting much time doing the paperwork. Plus, the software system is an efficient way to store and recall employee data as and when required.

With self-service tools, HR software empowers your workforce to track and manage their tasks. This gives your employees greater autonomy and reduces their dependence on the HR department. The added benefit is that this transparent process shows the trust your organization has in its employees.

HR management software can automate the time-consuming process, allowing you to focus on productive work. It also allows you to automate basic processes such as employee self-service, training and other allowances. The solution can streamline workflows to improve work management and productivity.

  • Improve the efficiency of your HR team.
  • Improve your employee experience.
  • Improve your regulatory compliance.