Biometric Attendance Software Mobile App

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You can fully eliminate paperwork and manual management of attendance. Leysha supports attendance by fingerprints, facial recognition, smart cards apart from mobile and web application. So no matter what your preference is, you would have the flexibility of using one or many of these attendance modes. It’s especially useful if you have different employee sets you want to be able to mark attendance using different methods. So no matter what your preference is you would have the flexibility of using one or many of these attendance modes. For example, employees from the Sales Team can be allowed to mark their attendance on the fly using Leysha’s mobile application but your in-house team that does not need to visit other locations would need to mark attendance via their fingerprint or facial recognition. This ensures stricter control and a higher level of security. You can additionally decide to connect the devices to access control tools.

Biometric Attendance Software Mobile App Features

Integrate your existing biometric machine with

Mark attendance using fingerprint, smart cards or facial recognition.

No need to transfer data manually from the machine to your desktop. will automatically sync attendance data and use it for various purposes like calculating overtime, generating payroll etc.

Full Payroll Management with built in automation.

Links attendance and related activities using the “Recent Activity” feature.

Benefits of Biometric Attendance Software Mobile App for Businesses

Real time attendance updates from biometric machines at different office locations. Tamper proof and highly secured attendance system. Attendance via multiple methods like card, fingerprint or face recognition.
Attendance without any intervention from HR Reduce Workloads Modernize Method
Data collected from biometric machines can be used for payroll generation in leysha.

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How is Biometric Attendance a better way of managing attendance?

The use of biometric time and attendance systems is on the rise as they offer several benefits to organizations. A biometric system works by identifying a person’s fingerprint, face, or iris to ensure that he/she is authorized to enter the premises of an organization, building, etc.

Biometric systems are the most secure systems. No data can be stolen from the database of these systems. They also eliminate the chances of proxy attendance. No one can enter the premises without accessing the biometric if access control is attached with the machine.

With the biometric attendance system, the organizations can significantly bring down the staffing overhead, thus saving employee timing in the office. This also provides payroll with accurate labor data, enhancing the overall productivity of the business organization.

  • Prevents Proxy Attendance
  • Ensures Accuracy of Data
  • Cost - effective Method