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"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" - Robert Collier.
Leysha, let's you do that easily and efficiently. Our aim is to make companies more efficient and sustain growth. And Leysha delivers at that.

Having your own business can be rewarding yet challenging at the same time. Most would agree it is tough and demanding at most times though. The challenges it pose can be overwhelming at times. These challenges can put you under tremendous stress. And not knowing how to deal with these challenges can seriously hamper your chances of delivering consistent growth and success for you.
When things get tough, it becomes even harder to find reasons what's going wrong. So, we put together a SoftBot called "Leysha" that has an incredible level of intelligence built into it. It can find these reasons for you, from hundreds of data points, and on it's own.

How it does that? well, it can think like a human specialist performing different roles in a company. By looking after these roles in your company it can tell you, "insights". Insights to "success". And keep bringing these insights consistently.

Some of these insight include :

  • Tells you what is going wrong with your business and related action items.
  • Automates redundant tasks and work flows thereby saving you a lot of valuable time.
  • Makes your entire organization goals oriented.
  • Keeps your employees motivated.
  • Brings everyone valuable insights and action items.
  • Brings transparency across your company, so you can delegate confidently.
  • Shows you how your business is doing with actual figures and performers.
  • It's Cloud based so let's you be in control from anywhere.
  • Does all of the above and more for multiple locations, offices, shifts and departments.
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