Biometric Attendance with Leysha

Biometric Attendance with Leysha

We have just integrated biometric devices support with Leysha!! Now it supports attendance by fingerprint, facial recognition, smartcards apart from mobile and web app. So no matter what your preference is you would have the flexibility of using one or many of these attendance modes.

You can fully eliminate paperwork and manual management of attendance. Based on your preference you can enable attendance via a wide range of methods. This update allows you to capture data of employee attendance history using all of these methods from several office branches at different geographic locations, with different shift times. It is directly linked to payroll. With a built-in absence/leave tracking feature, employee payrolls get adjusted accordingly and automatically.

Benefits of using Biometric Attendance by Leysha

  • Supports highly secure attendance marking using biometric methods such as fingerprint and facial recognition.
  • Supports other traditional methods for attendance marking by smartcards, mobile, and web app.
  • Supports attendance via multiple methods at the same time. You control which methods you would like to enable.
  • All employees can mark their own attendance without any intervention from HR.
  • Elimination of “Buddy Punching” to ensure employees are unable to clock in on behalf of one another, preventing time misuse and enhancing security significantly.
  • Increased productivity and punctuality
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Fully accurate
  • Improve employee accountability for time management
  • Effortless automation of payroll
  • Instant report generator, keeping attendance records and tracking absenteeism.
  • Easy to manage attendance & leave/holiday

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